Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled (SADD)


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Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled (SADD)
Registration No- 2491, Under NGO Affairs Bureau
Bangladesh is a South Asian Country. World’s most densely populated and one of the developing countries in the world. It is a country about 150 million people and with a density of over 797 persons per Sq. Km. with a growth rate of 2.8%. Of the total population 85% live in the rural areas and 48% are women. It is also the lowest GNP per capita in the region.
Government findings based on surveys conducted in 1982, 1986 and 1998 estimated a national prevalence rate of 0.64%, 0.5% and 1.60%. Incidentally, sample survey conducted by national and international NGOs in the country found prevalence rates to much higher than Government findings. Action Aid Bangladesh and Social Assistance and Rehabilitation for the Physically Vulnerable (SARPV) put the figure at 8.8%, Handicapped International and NFOWD put the figure at 5.6%. WHO’s estimation that is figure is 10%. If these figures are calculated for Bangladesh, the number of Person’s with Disabilities should range from a minimum of 8 million to a maximum of 15 million, based on the country’s population of 150 million. As a result disability is going to be a matter of concern besides all other major problems in Bangladesh.

The Person’s with Disabilities (PwDs) are amongst the most vulnerable of the disadvantaged groups of people in Bangladesh. Disability is generally viewed as an abomination, disgrace or a curse from God. Family and society have not accepted Person’s with Disabilities and such they are hidden away from society to avoid family and social disgrace. There are so many Person’s with Disabilities who are never given the chance or opportunity to relief their God-given potential and talents. It is neglected in all respect; they used to receive very little attention from the society to survive. In most cases society gives pity, or physical or verbal torture.

The Person’s with Disabilities (PwDs) are left out of the development process mainly due to lack of awareness of people who design and implement development programs, negative attitude among general population prevalent towards Person’s with Disabilities, scarcity of resources and lack of knowledge and skills on how to address needs of Person’s with Disabilities inside development programs.

In recent years, there have been some improvements and positive trends as a result of the efforts at both government and non-government levels, however the overall situation of Person’s with Disabilities is still far from satisfactory. In fact, they are still granted lowest priority in service provision in Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, extreme poverty, unsafe delivery care, communicable diseases, accident, natural calamities, malnutrition including deficiency of Vitamin A, iodine and iron, environmental hazards and lack of knowledge on health care contribute substantially to the magnitude of Person’s with Disabilities and there are limited resource for welfare activities aimed at Person’s with Disabilities.

SADD is an Independent, National Voluntary, Development and Non-Government Organization. The Organization is registered with NGO Affair Bureau, The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Rules 1978, and Society Registration Act 1860 Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. SADD was founded by a group of new generation development activists most of them are Person’s with Disabilities. The Executive Director of SADD a Physically Challenged Person was leading founding member of the group. Having the objectives to work towards promoting rights, equality and full participation of Person’s with Disabilities at every level into society.

The overall activities of SADD are guided by a strong management system. General Committee is the highest body of SADD. It holds the supreme power of attorney of the organization, it has 21 members. The General Committee meets once a year but in emergency it can hold emergency meetings. The organization now has 7 members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is elected/selected for a period of two years by the General Committee. It performs all responsibilities on behalf of the General Committee. 5 disabled represents out of 7 in the Executive Committee of the organization. Executive Director is also Member Secretary of the Executive Committee of Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled (SADD).


Equality and full participation of Person’s with Disabilities at every level into society


a) Social inclusion and development of Person’s with Disabilities.
b) Promoting the empowerment of Person’s with Disabilities.
c) Enhancing the quality of life for Person’s with Disabilities.


SADD is an Independent, Voluntary, Development and Non Government Organization. The organization is registered with NGO Affair Bureau, The Foreign Donations (Voluntary Activities) Regulation Rules 1978, Registration No-2491, and Dated: October 13, 2009. And registered under the Society Registration Act, XXX of 1860, Registration No-S-5883(127)/06, Dated: August 2, 2006 Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh. SADD was initially created in September 2003; it’s started its operations on more formal basis from January 2004.


Within the framework of the forgoing, the organization shall have the following specific objectives:

1) To promote rights and equal participation of Person’s with Disabilities into
2) To enhance the individual and collective capacity of Person’s with Disabilities.
3) To provide supports of Person’s with Disabilities to run more sustainable,
Democratic, efficient and inclusive groups or organizations.
4) To encourage, support and assist research and education about disability perspective through programs likely to make a material deference and enhance public knowledge and awareness.
5) To support the Person’s with Disabilities to setup Self-help initiatives to improve their standards living.


SADD started its work in rural area at Bauphal and Dumki Upazila of Patuakhali District in Southern Bangladesh. This district is called "SagorKonna", which means Daughter of Sea. It is watered by the Bay of Bengal. The three sides of Patuakhali are surrounded by rivers. Among them two major rivers are Laukathi and Lohalia, which are directly connected with the Bay of Bengal. The remote two Upazila are the most poor, remote, disaster porn and river basin area of Patuakhali District. Before starting work a survey was carried out to identify and to find out the real situation of the Person’s with Disabilities. During a sample survey in the working area SADD has found 8% of the total population with different types of disabilities. It is evident from the survey that there is more disability among families with lower income and lower education level. Incidence of disability is higher in the household with lesser land holding. Disability and poverty is inter-related, Poverty creates disability on the other hand PwDs always sufferer of the poverty.
SADD has been working in 72 Villages 8 Unions under 2 Upazila (Bauphal and Dumki) of Patuakhali District among Person’s with Disabilities. 14 self-help groups of PwDs organized. The Person’s with Disabilities are the primary beneficiaries of SADD. They are directly involved in Counseling, Group-formation, Need-assessment, Awareness, Advocacy, Skill-development, Self-help, Self-reliance, Capacity building in all management processes for all its program from grass root level to national level. SAAD is an organization of the Person’s with Disabilities by the Person’s with Disabilities and for the Person’s with Disabilities.


From the very inception SADD have been striving for the overall development of the Person’s with Disabilities for their Self-reliant through the following development program initiatives:

1) Organize the PwDs through group formation at grass root level and create leadership in the group. Help them to build up their organizational capabilities and achieve sustainability.
2) Conduct research survey on Person’s with Disabilities for ascertaining the number, categories and causes of disabilities, their socio-economic status.
3) Conduct meeting, seminars, workshop, symposiums, and rally and organize conference to increase awareness and sensitize people of community towards the protection of rights and interest of Person’s with Disabilities.
4) Organize training on disability for increase in occupational skill to ensure their involvement in economic activities.
5) Establish and strengthen the relationship with government authority to draw their attention in involving the activity for the services to the Person’s with Disabilities.
6) To ensure participation of Person’s with Disabilities in sports, cultural and
Recreational activities.
7) Observing different days of National and International importance viz.
“National & International Day of Disabled”.

SADD intended to take-up multi-sectoral programmers to protect the furthering the cause of the disabled persons with the help, assistance and support of the community people, the government and international community including donors.




Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled (SADD)


Md Sherajul Islam
Executive Director
Society for Awareness and Development of Disabled (SADD)
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